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The residential home flip isn’t dead — it’s changing From Inman News

by Giovanni Fernandez May 26, 2016 If the Great Recession didn’t personally impact you, you most likely know someone who has been impacted. Although we’d love to put all that behind us, whispers are getting louder about the possibility of a “bubble,” and the word “crash” is weaving its way into headlines. So, let’s pay

Sales of new homes jump! … Right?-From Inman News

by Lou Barnes May 25, 2016 Sales of new homes are based on contracts written, not closed sales. The rate of cancellation is high and stupendously variable. The figure to look for in each of these reports: the year-over-year. The big news in this report really is big, almost 24 percent ahead of 2015. However,

107 economists pick the housing market’s top Presidential hopefuls-From Inman News

By Caroline Feeney May 17, 2016 The latest quarterly Zillow Home Price Expectations survey asked respondents to weigh five candidates — including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in addition to Ted Cruz and John Kasich — and their potential impact on home values and the U.S. economy’s overall performance. The survey was conducted by